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Arabesque - Descarga Arabesque, versión 1.0

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Puzzle Game - Arabesque.

Arabesque is a Puzzle Game in best traditions of match three games. The main idea is similar to classic puzzle game - lines - where your objective is to line up 5 balls of the same color. However we've made a lot of interesting changes in the gameplay to make this puzzle less boring. For instance, the number of balls in line is three instead of five, as it was in classic puzzle, besides, we have added some action and arcade components. We've been trying to make this puzzle as exciting and thrilling as possible.

The puzzle has been created for the whole family, for adults it's supposed to be effective relaxation remedy and a way to escape from the depressing reality, meanwhile children will have fun playing fascinating and development game.

The rules are extremely simple, but still it does not make the puzzle less interesting. To complete a level
your objective is to break down all the wooden boxes using the balls. To crash the boxes you should
line up three or more balls covering them. Some of the boxes can be broken from the first, some of them from the second, while others even block up the ball in the cell.

To diversify the gameplay of the puzzle we have added following bonuses:
- The ball, replacing any color you need
- The bomb, blowing up all the balls of chosen color
- Simple but powerful bomb (breaking the wooden boxes)
- Smaller bomb - extra bonus you are given every 5 successful moves
- And, finally, mean dragonfly, prying into your affairs and bothering you.

Despite the fact that this is a puzzle game it turned out very dynamic. Although it doesn't have time limits you will definitely have no time to be bored.

This game can serve as a powerful antidepressant. What if you try it instead of taking the pills? :).


Captura de Pantalla

Captura de Pantalla Arabesque

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Sistema Operativo: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2003
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